Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Church of Nature

Sunday we decided that we would all take a trip up to Mt. Charleston and the kids could enjoy the snow. Both Wendy's kids and our kids our not that familiar with it was a treat! It was the perfect way to enjoy snow--sunny, beautiful, and dry roads to get there. The kids were so excited to have snowball fight. It seems odd that there is a place like this so close to Las Vegas, but it is truly beautiful up there. Amy, Mike and I were reminicing on the drive up--our first time going up to Mt. Charleston we went on a two mile hike. Sunny skies until we reached the top of the mountain. It started to hail and rain so hard. We sought shelter under a rock with a few fellow hikers. I had Keira in the baby bjorn and Mike was packing Makayla on his back. It was so cold so we didn't want to head out in the rain--to protect the kids//but after about 45 minutes of waiting we headed down the mountain. In freezing cold rain--we made down the mountain. Keira was so little and soaking wet head to toe. I don't think she was too cold//I had been holding her so tight I don't think she had a chance.

Wendy decided to come up for a few days. She brought Madison, Emma, and Derek. Emma had 6 cavities to fill and her best bet for needed dental work was Madison and Derek. So they got some cheap flights with Stacy. Mike blocked out Monday morning in his office and it became a family dental day. Wendy gambled and it paid off because Madison ended up having 6 cavities as well. Daddy tried to give Makayla her first dental cleaning. She was frightened by the high speed (which she probably gets from me) and would only sit on his lap and insisted she do the cleaning herself--very typical for our little Makayla.

January 16, 2008

I am now an official blogger. I have decided that I cannot get to cutting paper and making borders.....I have all the stuff and have tried many times. I am letting myself off the hook and am becoming a blogger.